We are immersed in a technological and labor revolution that requires constant specialization. New work systems, technology and the regulations that regulate them are not always well known. Our aim is to be able to give light to the projects and needs of our clients and to offer a professional and correct point of view as well as quality training.

The objectives that we set ourselves every day, either from a personal approach with a constant need for preparation, study and competitiveness or from the business environment with fierce competition, a system in recession or crisis, and with a pressure that is difficult to bear, oblige us to be at the forefront of the systems that arrive incessantly in our hands, and to offer products that are increasingly modern and adapted to new market needs.

In the same way that technologies and advances speed us on their control and use, we must be properly advised on the legal issues that concern us and affect us in a very direct way. Changing and unknown regulations, possibilities with direct civil liability or data protection problems, privacy rights or improper use, on which we must avoid problems.

Adequate training implies motivation and achievement of objectives by the client/student, it is our highest priority to achieve these goals and help as much as possible to ensure that the concepts are correctly assimilated. We have trained more than 800 people among collectives, organizations and individuals in various fields that still require our services.

We create relationships that are established with firm ties, based on participation, commitment, the search for joint solutions and coexistence in a positive and motivating environment.

Antonio Sousa Lamas -

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Antonio Sousa Lamas
Antonio Sousa Lamas


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